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I’m feeling so emotional right now like literally I’m feeling so many things I can’t even pinpoint it
Like I’m feeling stressed, tired and a bit sad and honestly I zone out every now and then and I see myself in different settings, around different people, and I’m crying.
School is just too much
Like it’s Saturday give me a break
There is a difference between grading and doing the homework
You guys know that the average amount of homework you should have for each class is 20-25 minutes? Shocker cuz I get an hours worth of homework for every class
Like 8 hours in school wasn’t enough?
And when you try to fulfill your sleep and don’t do all of your homework
Your teachers go “why didn’t you do your homework for this class but all the other classes”
Bitch you think this class is more important? No. So shut up.
I hate all of my classes to and my classmates
don’t even get me started on them
I decided to take the higher level classes, 2 ap classes, 2 GT classes and 2 honor classes and I’ll be legit, the people in the ap classes think they’re all that, 2 faces suck ups that just want attention. I hate them all.

Did I mention that the stress load got too much for me and I passed out twice?

At times like these all you need is a fluffy little orange cat and a lot of food.

Oppa, is like the rain


*In a fansign event*

You: OMG! Oppa thank you for your autograph <333

Oppa: Thank you for all your love and support^^

You: Oh! Oppa! I have written a poem to you <3333

Oppa: Read it, please ^^

You: *clearing your troath* Oppa, you’re like the rain, everytime you touch me… I get wet :3

Oppa: O.O

You: ^^

Oppa: …

You: :3

Bodyguards: ¿?

Oppa: Eeem…

You: *Feeling awkward*

Oppa: Good! But… I need to call to my bodyguard ^^

You: Don’t call them!! Goodbye! <3

And you walk like

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